An Inside Perspective of an Edwin Classroom

Courage and trust level the playing field

The very first Edwin Classrooms discovered that a digital learning platform could empower the core practice of teaching, and educator Kate Pellerin of Riverside P.S. reminds us that Edwin “takes some of that management side of teaching and lets me focus on a lot more of that connection side.”

Now, St. Julia Catholic Elementary becomes the first school in the Dufferin-Peel board to adopt the Edwin Pilot Program, and they welcome us to Mississauga to witness how Edwin is already transforming classrooms today. Educator Karla Cinapri encourages educators to “put your own fears aside,” and let students benefit from the additional responsibility and seamless collaboration.

While Edwin has strengthened student voice and choice, St. Julia Principal Brian Diogo notes the courage it takes allow a one-to-one classroom become a two-way street:

For us as educators to allow our fears to prevent us from providing these kids with the things that are so natural to them is not fair. We have to have a bit of courage. And we have to figure out that these kids are going to teach us.

Edwin Classroom
St. Julia: A Glimpse

It takes courage and trust to level the playing field. This is one of the lessons we learned on a recent Edwin classroom visit. We’re excited to share this first glimpse of our upcoming film, and invite you to see the story unfold.

Edwin Classroom
Edwin Impact Forum

The Edwin Impact Forum brought together ministries, boards, & districts from across Canada join in to share how Edwin is transforming their classrooms. Edwin is readying our kids for the future through a platform that promotes inquiry & equity for all.

Edwin Classroom
Riverside P. S. Edwin Pilot Program

A pathway built around listening

The first classrooms began to experience Edwin in September 2017, and a few months later we visited Huntsville, Ontario to see the transformation of a digital classroom at Riverside Public School. The Edwin pilot program ushers in a new way to look at 21st century education, and we hear stories of its creation from students, educators, and developers alike—including Nelson CEO, Steve Brown:

When we first talked to people about Edwin, we got some funny looks. But with the involvement of some thought-provoking educators, we brought Edwin to reality.

Direct testimony from students addresses the ways in which Edwin accommodates multiple styles of personalized learning. Parents reflect on positive changes in the first few months of their children using Edwin. And Kate Pellerin, Grade 8 teacher at Riverside, sees a transformative path for the Edwin platform in her classroom:

Clearly this is a company that sees the future of education, and realizes that it has to be interactive, it has to be digital, and it has to be engaging for the kids.

Edwin Classroom
Welcome Edwin

What does the future of education look like?

Introduce yourself to Edwin, the digital educational platform for the modern classroom. Brought to you by Nelson Education.

Edwin Classroom
Edwin Reveal

Making education better for everyone

Nelson sees the changing educational landscape, and answers with Edwin, a digital learning environment for the student in today's digital classroom. Created in partnership with students and educators, Edwin is revealed as a companion for a lifelong educational journey.

Edwin Classroom
Edwin Comes home

No internet connectivity required

Edwin offers a wealth of functionality and content that work without a connection. With offline mode, learning can happen outside of the classroom, anytime and anywhere… even on a snow day.

Edwin Classroom